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Paranormal Dream of The Future

20+ Years Chronological Content

As a philosopher of morality and a decades-long defender of free will, I founded in February 2022 to defend animals and plants against eugenics.

For decades, I have questioned the foundations of science and the idea that mind is produced by the brain, through a critical philosophical blog on psychiatry, 🦋

As a philosopher primarily interested in fundamental philosophy or the why of the cosmos and consciousness, evidence of the ability to view more than 20 years into the future, naturally interests me.

When I was 15 years old, I had a paranormal dream that showed more than 20 years into the future.

The dream contained chronologically detailed information for over 20 years into the future, which raises the questions how is that possible, and what does it imply with regard theories of consciousness?

A vision of nature that preceded the dream caused me to explore a theory of consciousness based on neutrinos from the 🌞 Sun, and to develop an interest in the infinite Monad theory of German philosopher Gottfried Leibniz and ancient Greek cosmic philosophy.

In this article I will expand on the ability to paranormally perceive the future from a philosophical perspective, to discover what it might mean for theories of consciousness.

Short introduction

Personally I have always been aversive of paranormal matters privately, while being respectful and open minded (humble in the face of the unknown) to anyone involved in the field.

My talent as a child was logic and theoretical reasoning. Around the age of 16, I often went to sleep and woke with complete comprehension of diverse concepts. My life's dream at that age was to one day solve the most complex problem with my mind.

In my early twenties, I once addressed the subject paranormal as part of my natural deep philosophical exploration of psychology and life, and I decided then that it was unhealthy and I never revisited the subject paranormal again. I never explored paranormal matters and I never talked about it until 2021. I wasn't interested in paranormal matters.

Events Out of My Control

Events out of my control have forced me in 2021 to report about paranormal experiences as part of an investigation of an attack on my home in 2019, that is described in the 9/11 Truth article.

As can be seen on the website Christchurch Truth, the 2019 New Zealand terrorist attack is called a PsyOp.

Psyop (2019) Christchurch Truth The PsyOp that deceived a nation. Source: (PDF backup)

After a myserious attack on my home in 2019, paranormal influences forced me to investigate that attack and I reported about it through the website .com.

Also in 2019, the film Third Eye Spies was released that shows that paranormal perception is real.

Film Third Eye Spies, 2019

The investigation led me to the discovery of corruption related to the US war in Libya, of which a report is available in the following article.

US War in Libya - A Paranormal Assisted Investigation of Corruption Source:

Attack on My Home in 2019

Society for Psychical Research

My home was located in the city Utrecht, one of the bigger cities in the Netherlands, that is known as the Hollywood (film city) of the Netherlands.

My home was located in the most beautiful and romantic part of the city centre, above two luxury clothing stores, directly opposite of the headquarters of the Institute of Parapsychology Netherlands, an organization that investigates paranormal phenomena.

Springweg, Utrecht My home in Utrecht

During the attack, all contents of my home were destroyed, I was subjected to unnatural slander, violence, extreme and absurd corruption of Justice, police intimidation and I would ultimately lose my home due to corruption by the Judiciary of Utrecht.

The perpetrator of the attack confessed to me that people of Justice were behind the attack. The national Legal Counsel (Juridisch Loket) forwarded a personal threat email from a psychiatric patient, which cannot have been an accident.

The confession of the perpetrator and my response to the Legal Counsel are available in the 👶 Pedophilia in Justice article.

Why Did People of Justice Attack Me?

Details are available in the following article:

Pedophilia (raping of children) by judges and other people in Justice Source:

In summary, the attack came out of the blue and was absolutely absurd. The police intimidation, the violence, the slander and the corruption of the Judiciary, were unnatural.

My First Disclosure of Paranormal Experiences in 2021

It was during the time of the investigation in 2021 that I first started reporting about paranormal visions that I had been experiencing in the preceding years leading up to the attack, of which some were so extremely intense that I was unable to explain them away.

9/11 Truth: A Paranormal Assisted Investigation Source:

In retro perspective, I had an extreme paranormal dream experience as a child when I was 15 years old, that showed an attack on a room above a store in the centre of a big city like New York, a situation that matches the room where I lived in Utrecht.

This article focuses on that dream and the philosophical implications of the ability to view over 20 years into the future.

Paranormal Dream as a 15-Year-Old Boy

On an evening when I was 15 years old, I went to sleep early and shortly before I fell asleep, I saw a vision of nature.

I did not seek the vision myself, and I was not engaged in anything paranormal before I went to bed. The decision to go to sleep came from a strange gut feeling when I stood next to my bed, where the feeling was strange because it was very early at that time and I had never gone to sleep that early.

I climbed into my bed in a single movement, when I was caught by the vision while I was still suspended in mid-air, and it was as if I was already asleep when my back reached the mattress.

Preceding Vision of Nature

Neutrino's from the Sun

A preceding vision of nature showed a stream of particles that expressed the pure quality of life.

The vision showed a kind of wavy and infinite cloth, accompanied by a kind of sound that is comparable in retrospect to the unintelligible combined voice of thousands of people sharing an emotion. From the sound I could deduce that the particles were alive, and the expression of their being was the hallmark of 'pure happiness'.

It was as if the particles were aware of me, and upon my attention for what I saw, the sound pitch raised and the speed of their motion increased, resulting in a sort of infinite "drag-in" situation, in which their expression increased by more of my attention, by which I was dragged into the vision.

The particles seemed to move faster and faster, so that I was as it were taken along by the particles while I fell asleep almost immediately.

A Complex Vision of The Future

That night I had a very strange dream experience in which I saw my future more than 20 years ahead in time.

The dream contained chronologically detailed information for over 20 years into the future and the events that were shown in the dream, would later one by one occur.

The visions from the dream were no exact images, but the meaning of the visions corresponded to what I would later experience.

Evaluation of The Dream

No Occasion

I had never experienced such a thing before, and there was no occasion. I wasn't sick, and I didn't use alcohol or drugs at that age.

I was a large, strong built and fat 15 year old boy, the strongest of my class that was often picked to officially play in national matches in teams with 18 year olds, in a sport similar to soccer (korfball). During a national school soccer tournament, I became the best keeper of the region.

Mental strength and psychological development was my greatest talent. I had, and never would again, have a paranormal dream experience of the type that I experienced on that night when I was 15 years old. I wasn't interested in, or involved with, anything paranormal. At that age, I would drive 15km to school on my bicycle in a t-shirt when it froze -10 and I was busy with friends and social life on school.

Airplane Disaster

I woke up in an intense fear, and I experienced an airplane 'upside down' above my head. It seemed to be an airplane disaster and I couldn't get out of it.

It was as if my mind was present in the same space-time as 'an airplane' that was turned upside down, and where I could see through the roof of the airplane, so my head was below the aircraft with that aircraft turned upside down. In addition, I was stuck in that 'dynamic vision', and there was an intense state of fear that wasn't mine per se, but it consumed me because I was stuck in it.

My father walked into the bathroom and I told him about my then current experience of an airplane on my head. My father logically must have thought that I was hallucinating.

Contents of The Dream

The next day, I thought briefly about the dream and what it could mean. Perhaps I did know that the dream had shown the future, although I did not consciously think about it that way at the time.

I had a very clear memory of the contents of the dream, even though it contained many separate visions that were chronologically distant from each other. I could playback the contents of the dream easily on demand, as if playing, forwarding and rewinding a movie. The clarity and ease of that memory recollection experience was special.

I played back the contents of the dream and looked at the various things that I had seen.

One of the visions of the dream was a room above a store in a big city like New York, where I lived and that exploded like in a movie, as I looked at the room from the outside. A detail of that vision is increasing clarity where it seemed that time slowed down, and that I could see the particles of the dust from the explosion, and know where the particles would fall. I could also rewind and continue the vision of the explosion in my mind.

Leaving The Dream Behind

At that moment, when I was viewing the vision of the exploding room above a store in a big city like New York, I was standing in my bedroom facing the wall, and after viewing that part of the dream I decided to put it behind me and to forget it.

I was only 15 years old and the content of the dream was related to 20 years in the future, so it was irrelevant, if at all anything other than a dream. I wasn't one to take paranormal matters seriously at that age.

I would forever forget the experience and only have it in mind during moments when aspects of the dream actually occurred. Often it was in a retro perspective that I realized that what had happened had matched the content of the dream.

The dream contained chronological context information, which at times confirmed that the content of the dream had matched my future experience.

Since then, at moments when visions of the dream came true, I've wondered how the vision of an exploding room above a store in a big city could become a reality, and of course I hoped that it wouldn't.

In hindsight, my room in the city Utrecht was exactly like the room from my dream. The room was located above a luxury clothing store and the room would later figuratively explode after the attack on my home in 2019.

Explanation for The Dream

As a child I lived in a village that was the centre stage of WWII and yearly veterans from USA and UK would visit.

I investigated the MH17 airplane attack as a forerunner.

(2021) Veterans Today: MH17 airplane attack was a false flag operation Already in 2014, shortly after the attack, veterans criticized the course of the investigation. An official publication in 2021 called the attack a false flag operation. Important: What happened to air traffic controller Carlos who had the courage to stand up for the truth? How did the 🇮🇳 Air India 113 pilots and Indian journalists fare after they showed the Indian ministry lied about MH17? Source: Veterans Today

My Exploration of The Paranormal

When I was 16 years old, I explored the subject paranormal for the first time.

A neighbor, the female life-partner of a police officer couple of which the husband had a top position with the Dutch police, was paranormally gifted and founded the website (in Dutch), that I helped to setup as the technical expert friend.

I often helped the neighbors with watching their children, or with gardening, and had a close relation, but I didn't believe in paranormal matters and simply maintained a respectful position towards people that do.

On several occasions I was invited to work for the police. The husband would give me his advanced police motorcycle helmet with intercom that I was very happy with at the time.

As part of my involvement with the Dutch paranormal therapy website, I started to try to experience an 'out of body' experience once, but that was unsuccessful and I then intended to leave my 'exploration of the paranormal' at that.

Posh Spice Girl Posh Spice girl, Victoria Beckham

The Spice Girls were at their peak at the time and Posh Spice resembled a girl that I had been in love with, and who became one of my best friends.

That night followed an intense dream where it was as if my mind actually met Posh Spice while she was walking with several other people at an airport. Posh Spice seemed to react to my presence, and then I was taken to an event with her. When I woke up, the poster was half detached from the wall even though the poster had been hanging on the wall for many months.

I thought at that point, whether it was theoretically possible that I had kicked the poster off the wall with my feet, but that was physically impossible. There was also no wind at the particular location in the middle of the room.

It was the most paranormal thing that I had experienced from my perspective at the time, all the while naturally tending to look for an alternative explanation and to consider it a coincidence. I had already forgotten the dream from when I was 15 years old.

When I was in my early twenties, I covered the subject paranormal one more time, and I then decided that it was unhealthy and that I would stick with the normal. It was a personal decision.

I never returned to the subject of paranormal experience until 2021.

Whenever I had a paranormal premonition of any kind, then I thought that it might come from my talent for logical reasoning and my natural tendency to explore as many different perspectives as possible, and that it might be helpful to see it as such, but otherwise not important.

Evidence by The CIA

X-files TV series

I discovered that a paranormal department of the CIA has faced active suppression since the early 2000's, since around the same time that the popular X-files TV show was cancelled, and has attempted to inform the public about the realness of paranormal experience. The mocking image was at the bottom, included on the page unnaturally.

The US govt did work on this. They stopped because they found it is not real.

The story is well documented, for example: (🐐 The Men Who Stare at Goats)

The point is that the US govt (and, presumably others) spent a lot of money looking for these effects but it did not find them.

What about the film (2019)

It's garbage. There is no evidence that ESP is real so a movie that says otherwise is a crap movie (or maybe a fun sci fi movie).

Source: Naked Scientist forum

Despite the suppression of the paranormal department of the CIA, it did manage to get publicity on mainstream media. While some articles were deleted within one year, for example the article The Reality of ESP: A Physicist's Proof of Psychic Abilities on Watkins Magazine, a 2021 article on is still available.

(2021) How to Escape the Confines of Time and Space According to the CIA The takeaway is that human consciousness brought to a sufficiently altered (focused) state could obtain information about the past, present, and future. Wayne reasons that our all-reaching consciousness eventually participates in an infinite continuum. Long after we depart the space-time dimension and the hologram of Universal absolutes (Plato's forms) each one of us perceives is snuffed out, our consciousness continues. Source: (PDF backup)

Holographic Universe Consciousness theory by the CIA: holographic Universe

Book: The Reality of ESP

In my experience and according to most other researchers, it appears that an experienced psychic can answer any question that has an answer. I cannot wait to see what the future holds when we fully open the doors of our perception! It is time to accept the gift of psychic abilities. The hardware is fine; it’s the software that must be upgraded—and quickly.

The Reality of ESP: A Physicist's Proof of Psychic Abilities Source: ESP research | Russell Targ, physicist and retired scientist from Lockheed-Martin.

The CIA's research into the nature of consciousness is based on a variety of philosophical theories, including:


Events in the science world shows scientists behaving more like religious inquisitors than cool-headed rationalists when it concerns parapsychology. Of course, they do not portray their activities in religious terms like "inquisition," "anathema," "heresy" and "excommunication." But the parallels are inescapable.

(2014) The Scientific “Taboo” Against Parapsychology There is a taboo against investigating parapsychology, almost complete lack of funding, and professional and personal attacks (Cardeña, 201). Source: Frontiers in Human Neuroscience | Washington Post

Cosmic Explorers

The Brown affair "bring(s) into question whether Emory has any high scientific standards".

In one of the book's more remarkable chapters, "👽 The Grey Mind", Brown claims to have "entered the mind" of an extraterrestrial and investigated its psychological make-up.

The "Courtney Brown affair" at Emory University Source: Emory University | Book: Cosmic Explorers: Scientific Remote Viewing of Extraterrestrial Life

A scientific article of Courtney Brown is Probing Well Beyond the Bounds of Conventional Wisdom (1997).

The Possible States Theory shows that the parapsychology related work and claims of Courtney Brown could be plausible.

(2012) Possible States Theory and exploration of the ✨ Cosmos Possible States Theory allows a competent observer to participate in possible states interactions that are unconstrained by time, distance or conservation laws. The technique of coordinate remote viewing was used in a study of technologically advanced alien life forms. Source: Science Direct | Science Direct

Complete Lack of Funding

There is a taboo against investigating parapsychology, almost complete lack of funding, and professional and personal attacks (Cardeña, 201).

(2014) The Scientific “Taboo” Against Parapsychology Source: Frontiers in Human Neuroscience

With a complete lack of funding and active suppression that is described as scientists behaving like religious inquisitors, it may provide an insight into the severity of the suppression that the cancelled paranormal department of the CIA must have faced.

Their 2019 film documentary was actively being removed from the internet, accompanied with the loss of their domain in February 2022, which initially showed a mocking image before it was completely deleted.

Banned on

Banned on

My ban on as described in the article Moon Barrier The Moon Barrier: The Frontier of Life in Space occured directly after I posted an article with the title ESP for planet hunting / advancements in Cosmology.

I subsequently posted the topic on the forum Naked Scientist of University of Cambridge, where it was promptly moved to the "lighter side" forum and was criticized by scientists.

Question: has it ever been attempted to use ESP for Cosmology?

Only by people who delude themselves.

There is no evidence any ESP crap is real. It is all wishful thinking. There have been many studies and they all show it is so much tripe.

What about the film (2019)

It's garbage. There is no evidence that ESP is real so a movie that says otherwise is a crap movie (or maybe a fun sci fi movie).

What about the existence of a professional association for remote viewing?

How silly is that?

According to the CIA, ESP (Extrasensory Perception) and remote viewing are real.

The US govt did work on this. They stopped because they found it is not real.

The story is well documented, for example: (🐐 The Men Who Stare at Goats)

The point is that the US govt (and, presumably others) spent a lot of money looking for these effects but it did not find them.

ESP for planet hunting / advancements in Cosmology Source: Naked Scientist forum

Suppressed on ChatGPT

When I questioned GPT-4 through about the use of Remote Viewing for cosmology, it persistently denied that there are any studies and it kept repeating the explicit warning that remote viewing should not be taken serious.

When I subsequently mentioned Courtney's book Cosmic Explorers: Scientific Remote Viewing of Extraterrestrial Life, it recognized that book, but when I asked for other studies or books on the topic, it boldly answers "there are no other studies or books on remote viewing of extraterrestrial life.", accompanied by the repeated warning that Remote Viewing should not be taken serious.

Paranormal Remote Viewing (RV)

Remote Viewing is seriously being developed by diverse organizations other than the CIA. For example, the organization International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA) is established with the purpose of ensuring responsible use of Remote Viewing.

International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA) Source: Remote Viewing Instructional Services Inc. (RVIS)

Remote Viewing allows for both spatial long-distance across the Earth, and temporal forward- and back-in-time viewing based on “conscious experience”.

History of Temporal Clairvoyance

The practice of viewing the future or paranormal clairvoyance in time exists since the dawn of humanity, with the first historical evidence dating from the time that humanity started to keep historical records, over 4,000 years ago.

The Oracle of Colombia's Kogi People

In Colombia, there is an indigenous ethnic group named Kogi (Jaguar in the Kogi language) that similar to the ancient Greek oracles, secludes young boys in caves to become sage-like Mamas that can predict the future.

In the early 1980s, BBC journalist Alan Ereira heard about the Kogi people from a Colombian anthropologist and became intrigued by the Kogi people's reputation for being able to see into the future.

In 1990, Ereira and a BBC film crew were granted permission to film the Kogi people in their community and produced the film named From the Heart of the World: The Elder Brothers' Warning.

Aluna film An Ecological Warning from the Kogi People

🎬 Aluna: A journey to save the world Source: | YouTube | Mongabay: Indigenous clairvoyant sages warn of repercussions if we don't fix our relationship with nature

History of Remote Viewing

Parapsychologist Joseph Banks Rhine founded the field parapsychology as a branch of psychology and conducted extensive research on extrasensory perception (ESP) at a parapsychology lab at Duke University in the 1930s. Some consider his experiments as precursors to scientific Remote Viewing.

CIA Stargate Project logo Ingo Swann

Other well known pioneering developers of scientific remote viewing include Harold (Hal) E. Puthof, Russell Targ, Leonard "Lyn" Buchanan, Joseph McMoneagle, Dr. Edwin May, Dr. Robert Jahn and Dr. Roger Nelson.

Contributors to the development of scientific remote viewing today include Dr. Courtney Brown, Dr. Angela Thompson Smith and Stephan A. Schwartz.

Predicting The Future in 2060

Stephan A. Schwartz

In 2012, a follow-up project was started to predict the future in 2060. The project was funded by Atlantic University and BIAL Foundation in Porto, Portugal. Ten years later, the results were reviewed and showed a similar accuracy.

(2021) Remote Viewing the Year 2060 with Stephan A. Schwartz Source: YouTube | PDF report of the study | |

Consciousness Without a Brain


I know Dennett's work more than any philosopher on earth, probably better than anyone you've ever met.

Consciousness without a brain

There are people with only 5-10% brain tissue who lead a normal life with a wife and two children, who hold a job such as municipal official, and who sometimes have a high IQ and can obtain an academic degree.

A quote from Belgian philosophy professor Axel Cleeremans:

Any theory of consciousness has to be able to explain why a person like that, who's missing 90 percent of his neurons, still exhibits normal behaviour.

Axel Cleeremans Axel Cleeremans | professor philosophy of cognitive science Source: | Université Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium

The French man the Belgian professor speaks about had only 10% brain tissue and lived a normal life with a wife and two children. The condition was discovered at a routine hospital check at the age of 45. The man had lived a full life with the condition unnoticed.

(2016) Meet The Man Who Lives Normally With Damage to 90% of His Brain A French man who lives a relatively normal, healthy life - despite damaging 90 percent of his brain - is causing scientists to rethink what it is from a biological perspective that makes us conscious. Source: Science Alert | Quartz | New Scientist (PDF backup)

Professor John Lorber

I can't say whether the mathematics student with an IQ of 126 had a brain weighing 50 grams or 150 grams, but it is clear it is nowhere near the normal 1.5kg and much of the brain he does have is in the more primitive deep structures that are relatively spared in hydrochephalus.

(2016) Remarkable story of maths genius who had almost no brain Source: Irish Times (PDF backup) | (PDF backup) | Is your brain really necessary?

A more recent example case:

(2018) Boy with 'no brain' stuns doctors Noah Wall was born with less than 2% of a brain - but he has amazed medics by growing into a happy, chatty little boy. Source: Daily Mirror | USA Today: Boy Born Without Brain Proves Doctors Wrong

Carl Jung

Philosopher Henri Bergson is quite right when he thinks of the possibility of relatively loose connection between the brain and consciousness, because despite of our ordinary experience the connection might be less tight than we suppose. There is no reason why one shouldn’t suppose that consciousness could exist detached from a brain … the real difficulty begins … when you should prove that there is consciousness without a brain. It would amount to the hitherto unproven fact of an evidence that there are ghosts.

I think that this is the most difficult thing in the world to create an evidence in that respect entirely satisfactory from a scientific point of view. How can one establish an indisputable evidence of a consciousness without a brain?

I might be satisfied if such a consciousness would be able to write an intelligent book, invent new apparatuses, provide us with new information that couldn’t possibly be found in human brains, and if it were evident that there would be no high power medium among the spectators.

(2020) Carl Jung on the possibility of consciousness without a brain Source: Carl Jung Analytical Psychology (PDF backup)

Near-death Experiences (NDE)

Near-death experiences (NDE) provide scientific evidence (clues) that consciousness does not originate in the brain.

The AWARE—AWAreness during REsuscitation study by Sam Parnia, director of the Human Consciousness Project at the University of Southampton provides evidence that consciousness is independent from the brain.

Does Consciousness Continue After Brain Flat-line? How can people brought back from death after cardiac arrest report having experienced lucid and vivid memories and recollections without a functioning brain? The study of near-death experiences is challenging the idea our consciousness originates in the brain. Source: Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation

Theories of Consciousness

In recent years, there are several new and upcoming consciousness theories that share the idea that consciousness is an external property of the Universe that is 'filtered by the brain'.

(2020) The Filter Theory of the Mind-Brain Connection The seriousness with which this idea is being treated by a wide range of scientists suggests that the top-down or bottom-up question of mind and brain is far from settled. Source: | Dr. Natalie L. Dyer, PhD: Intuition and the Filter Theory of Consciousness

Dr. Peter Fenwick

(2019) Dr. Peter Fenwick: Consciousness is a property of the Universe that is filtered by the brain The prevailing consensus in neuroscience is that consciousness is an emergent property of the brain and its metabolism. In other words, without a brain, there can be no consciousness. But according to the decades-long research of Dr. Peter Fenwick, that's wrong. Source: Psychology Today (PDF backup)

Scientific Evidence

A recent study showed that there is evidence that all particles in the cosmos are cosmic-scale entangled by their 'kind', which has major implications for theories of free will and consciousness.

Free will butterflies (2020) Is nonlocality inherent in all identical particles in the universe? The photon emitted by the monitor screen and the photon from the distant galaxy at the depths of the universe seem to be entangled only by their identical nature. This is a great mystery that science will soon confront. Source:

Recent quantum science studies indicate that the conscious observer (mind) precedes reality.

(2020) Do Quantum Phenomena Require Conscious Observers? Experiments indicate that the everyday world we perceive does not exist until observed,” writes scientist Bernardo Kastrup and colleagues earlier this year on Scientific American, adding that this suggests “a primary role for mind in nature. Source: | How observers create reality

The idea that consciousness has a primary role in nature would be logical when consciousness is a direct manifestation of the origin of existence – of that which precedes physical reality.


The evidence results in the following questions:

  • How is it possible that people with merely 5% brain tissue can lead a normal life and manage to reach the final exam of an academic study with the condition unnoticed?
  • What explains paranormal Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) and Remote Viewing (RV) where conscious experience can exist at a distance, both spatial and temporal?
  • What explains near-death experiences (NDE) where clear conscious experiences are possible during 'brain flatline', with accurate descriptions of details?

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