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  1. GMO (eugenics on nature).
  2. Corruption related to the US war in 🇱🇾 Libya in 2011. (show)
  3. Corruption at big companies such as Coca-Cola that use GMO in their products and attempted to hide that from the public. In addition severe violation of human rights in South America and in other countries. (show)
  4. Pedophilia (raping of children) by Judges and the head of the Dutch Justice system. (show)

The founder of was personally attacked for his effort to expose corruption. His businesses and his personal belongings were destroyed, he was assaulted, threatened, subdued to unnatural slander and he lost his home.

The founder has helped to expose pedophilia (raping of children) by top people in the Dutch Justice system.

The founder's home in Utrecht

In 2019, shortly before Christmas, the home of the founder was attacked and he was subjected to a display of absurdly profound corruption of the judiciary that included unnatural police intimidation. He even received a threat letter from the official national Legal Counsel of the Netherlands and two months into the attack the perpetrator confessed that the attack originated from "people at Justice".

The founder started an investigation into the background of the attack and the root cause was traced to his critical position with regard GMO (eugenics on Nature).

(2012) US to Start ‘Trade Wars’ with Nations Opposed to GMO The United States is threatening nations who oppose GMO with military-style trade wars, according to information obtained and released by the organization WikiLeaks. Nations which have moved to ban GMO, were requested to be ‘penalized’. Source: Natural Society anti-GMO activism WikiLeaks: US targets opponents of GM crops: "Eat GMOs! or We'll Cause Pain" The cables show US diplomats working directly for GM companies such as Monsanto and Bayer.
Opponents of GMO punished with "retaliation and pain".

Join the fight against corruption!

Nature, animals and plants cannot speak for themselves and need protection against GMO! Help the founder of to facilitate a strong intellectual defence against GMO!

Your financial support is urgently needed since the founder is facing a serious destructive boycot and slander campaign. Countries face economic sanctions (destruction) for standing up against GMO and the founder of faces similar destructive forces. That logically means that there may not be many people in the world who are able to dedicate to the protection of nature against GMO.

An example: 🇭🇺 Hungary was punished economically for banning GMO. The country had to throw out the International Monetary Fund (IMF) along with GMO to get rid of it!

(2012) Hungary Throws Out GMO AND the IMF Hungary's PM Victor Orbán had thrown GMO giant Monsanto out of the country, going as far as to plow under 1000 acres of land. It's remarkably hard to find sources on this, ironically. It’s even harder, even more ironically, to find anything that mentions the Wikileaks report on the connections between the US government and the GMO industry and the sanctions imposed on Hungary through the IMF. Source: The Automatic Earth

Another example:

Aruna Rodrigues (2023) Anti-GMO researcher's eviction from home: 'Armed forces meant to protect, not attack citizens' rights' The Home Secretary of 🇮🇳 India must immediately initiate an enquiry into how local police were allowed to participate in an illegal attack on anti-GMO researcher Aruna Rodrigues. She was evicted "without any sort of authority of law, and particularly without any judicial order". The might of the military power is never to be employed against harmless ordinary citizens, especially senior citizens.

In a fair world, Aruna Rodrigues would be heralded as an incredible individual for her ongoing struggle to protect the socio-economic and environmental integrity of India.

Rodrigues was illegally evicted from her own home just as she was preparing to celebrate Christmas with family and friends.
Source: Counterview | petition: Condemn the dastardly attack on India’s prominent anti-GMO Public Campaigner Aruna Rodrigues

Your financial help can secure a bit of protection of nature against GMO for which nature might actually be grateful and happy!


US War in 🇱🇾 Libya

Investigation of corruption

NATO was present in a secret spy operation in Oslo since 18 months before the terror attack in 2011 and the Minister of Justice of Norway later said that 'he didn't knew'.

After the terror attack the Prime Minister of Norway became the head of NATO (highest function).

The office of the Prime Minister was specifically targeted and blew up.

(2011) Deadly blast rocks prime minister's office in Oslo Source:

Norway had rejected the 2011 NATO bombing coalition against Libya, which the Netherlands had already done shortly before, and was independently leading peace talks that could have dragged several countries into anti-war policy.

(2021) The secret Norwegian peace talks that nearly prevented Libya’s 2011 war The confidential Norwegian-brokered peace talks were the closest in the world to come to a peaceful end to Libya’s 2011 war. Source:

After the terror attack Norway dropped the most bombs of all countries (600 in total according to Wikipedia) which is illogical. The bombs killed more than 500.000 innocent people in Libya!

Many questions about the terror attack are unanswered.

  1. Eye witnesses testified that there were multiple shooters. They also clearly describe the person that they had seen.
  2. Just 48 hours before the bombing in Oslo, police units were engaged in terrorist bombing exercises near what would later be 'ground zero.'. Special elite police unit concluded training for near identical scenario just minutes before the bomb attack.

Detailed information is available in the following publication:

(2021) NATO's role in Norway's bombing of 🇱🇾 Libya NATO's bombing of Libya Source:

During the Cold War, NATO carried out terrorist attacks in European cities under the name Operation Gladio, for which left-wing groups were falsely blamed. The attacks were intended to create an atmosphere of fear.

September 11 terrorist attack and the 9/11 Truth movement

A US politician (very beautiful in appearance) replied the following to questions by founder:

In the case that the Government has performed the 9/11 attack, what would (or should) it imply?

Politician: I think it implies that our government IS a terrorist organization. While, we are mere citizens; we should not condone or support its more murderous activities. Although, I think the guns are now being pointed at us.

Questions to a US politician about the 9/11 attack Source:

While it is possible to claim that the 9/11 Truth movement is based on a conspiracy theory. The mere existence and serious dedication of organizations such as "Scholars for 9/11 Truth" or "Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth" and the fact that an official US politician claims that the Government 'IS' (capitalized) a terrorist organization - and communicates that openly towards the public as a means to demand change for "a policy which tortures, kills, and terrorizes people." might be taken as an indication that the idea that the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 was performed by the Government, should be taken serious.

There are many serious organizations that question the 9/11 attack.

The founder was not acting alone...

As can be seen on the website Christchurch Truth, the 2019 New Zealand terrorist attack is called a PsyOp.

(2019) Christchurch Truth The PsyOp that deceived a nation. Source:

The founder has completed the investigation to the best of his abilities. He has reported about it with sincerity through the website (PsyReporter).

In 2019, the year of the attack on founders home, the film Third Eye Spies was released that shows that paranormal perception is real.

Film Third Eye Spies, 2019

The founder is absolutely not inclined to investigate violent conflicts or social injustice. He prefers to be neutral and to stay away from politics or ideology. The founder is primarily interested in fundamental philosophy and morality and isn't interested in debate about opinion.

Why then did the founder get to address corruption related to the US war in Libya?

A few months before the attack on the home of the founder in 2019 Google started to show a remarkable ad on his phone for a tiny local newspaper of a far away town that he is in no way affiliated with, which reminded him of political corruption that he had reported about almost a decade earlier.

Political extortion and euthanasia in psychiatry ('the Dutch Way') Source:

In retro-perspective, the articles about 🇮🇳 Air India 113 and the lying by India's ministry about the MH17 airplane attack were the first thing that the founder saw in Google's top 10 search results causing him to post them on his Facebook profile just a few days after the attack. It is strange that ultimately even two years after the attack literally zero media in the Netherlands and other Western countries had provided attention to Air India 113.

(2021) Veterans Today: MH17 airplane attack was a false flag operation Already in 2014, shortly after the attack, veterans criticized the course of the investigation. An official publication in 2021 called the attack a false flag operation. Important: What happened to air traffic controller Carlos who had the courage to stand up for the truth? How did the 🇮🇳 Air India 113 pilots and Indian journalists fare after they showed the Indian ministry lied about MH17? Source: Veterans Today (PDF)

As can be considered evident, the founder simply fulfilled his duty as a regular human being, strengthened solely on the basis of his theoretical capacity to act.


Pedophilia in Justice

The founder has helped to expose pedophilia within the judiciary.

Photo © NRC Handelsblad

The founder discovered that sweet old lady Yvonne Keuls was spat in the face on the street by law enforcement officers and verbally threatened by the public prosecutor when she tried to have a pedophile judge prosecuted. At one point, the woman did not dare to leave her house for three months because of the threats.

Yvonne Keuls

Volkskrant: ‘It is an absolute injustice what happened’

While pedo-porn photos were taken in the Hague Palace of Justice, Justice looked the other way. And not the pedophile judge, but whistleblower Yvonne Keuls was slandered and threatened. Charges against the judge were dropped.

The judge (Theo Reub) was never prosecuted and was allowed to retire early while Yvonne Keuls was faced with threats.

The Minister of Justice was involved. It is already the 4th pedosexual judge to be protected by his colleagues and Justice in recent years.

Yvonne: “Minister of Justice Opstelten, who has always protected the pedo judge Joris Demmink in a striking manner, was a friend of the judge.

I was reviled for suing a juvenile court judge as a whistleblower. It was apparently irrelevant that in the meantime it was someone who had committed the highest form of abuse of power against children.

Dutch minister Els Borst planned to expose a pedophilia ring in the government and was murdered by a psychiatric patient. According to sources, she was murdered by the secret service (AIVD), where she worked herself in the past.

The minister was an elderly woman and an active advocate of free choice for euthanasia, while the critical blog of the founder at the time was actively counter-arguing euthanasia by psychiatry. Essentially, the minister was the primary opponent (enemy) of the critical blog, on behalf of free choice for euthanasia for mental problems.

The following publication shows founder's reporting about the subject.

Political extortion and euthanasia in psychiatry ('the Dutch Way') Source:

Since then the secret service (AIVD) appears to have been an enemy of founder and the attack on his home in 2019 is likely related.

The head of the Dutch Justice system (highest function) raped children.

I myself [lawyer] represent two Turkish victims who were raped and sexually abused when they were 11 and 14 years old. The perpetrator was a high ranking Dutch government official, nowadays Secretary-General of the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice, Mr. Joris Demmink.

Mr. Demmink in 1995 was caught during the act of sex with the two children, in Turkey, while attending a party in Bodrum. At this party, young children were sexually abused.

The two well documented criminal charges that were filed against Mr. Demmink by the two Turkish boys were never investigated. As soon as Mr. Demmink became a person of interest, the investigation was shut down. All video evidence went missing and all telephone communication between the suspects suddenly stopped. This happened before Mr. Demmink became the head of Dutch Justice.



GMO in Coca-Cola

Shortly before a WordPress plugin ban mystery the founder of had reported about the fact that Coca Cola attempted to hide that they used GMO in their products, which led him to the discovery of atrocities performed by the company (the murder of union organizers).

(2014) The Coca Cola Killings: How a soft drink corporation murders unionists. Did we mention that Coca Cola has a long and dark history of sending its militias after workers who dare to demand better conditions? The corporation also stands accused of union-busting in Pakistan, Nicaragua and Guatemala to name a few. In Turkey allegations of intimidation, human rights abuses and the beating of union activists abound. In addition, a former Coca Cola business partner claimed the company has illegitimate dealings with Uzbekistan’s authoritarian government. Source: True Activist | |

Attack on optimization business 

Shortly after the WordPress plugin ban, fortune 500 investment bank Rabobank, headquartered in Utrecht, the Netherlands (the same city as founder's home) invested into his business to sabotage it. That sabotage destroyed a high potential technology startup business. The sabotage ended in late 2018/2019 and chronologically preceded the attack on founder's home in 2019.

Sabotage by Rabobank Business sabotage and dishonest practices by a bank that is known as 'farmers bank' that is dedicated to GMO. Source:

Attack on home in 2019 

Considering Rabobank's business relation with founder and its headquarter in the same city as founder it is only logical that Rabobank at least has had some influence or oversight over what happened with the attack on founder's home.

There were indications early on that Rabobank intended to sabotage founders business for his reporting about a toxic waste dump by Trafigura BV, a $180 billion USD Dutch/English oil company.

Rabobank attempted to connect founder with big oil investors whom he was invited to meet at a cafe at the airport Schiphol. Paranormal senses have indicated from the beginning that it was related to the toxic waste dump by Trafigura BV.

For applicability and plausibility of paranormal senses see the report about the investigation of corruption related to the US War in 🇱🇾 Libya.

Rabobank is known as farmers bank and is dedicated to GMO. Rabobank is also the top financing partner of Trafigura BV whose CEO had ordered to dump a tanker of highly toxic waste into the ocean.

CEO of Trafigura BV: ‘Beyond Dover, and certainly not in the Baltic Sea, because this is a special area. The discharge may not take place until Dover has passed, on the way to Lomé (Nigeria)‘.

Instead of the ocean, the toxic waste was dumped in Ivory Coast for a fee of $20,000 USD. It caused the death of fifteen people and more than 100,000 people to become severely ill, of which 26,000 people were acutely hospitalized following the dumping.

(2009) How oil company Trafigura tried to cover up toxic waste dump “Caustic washes are banned by most countries due to the hazardous nature of the waste (mercaptans, phenols)” Source: The Guardian

Rabobank is the top financing partner of Trafigura BV. The following is written on the website

Rabobank, one of Trafigura’s top lenders, seeks to play a significant role in ensuring food security (GMO). our financing partner Rabobank Source:

Rabobank presents itself as an environmentally friendly bank and in 2017 the bank won the “Green Bond Award” as supposedly being the most environmentally friendly bank in the world.

Why sabotage?

amsterdam port servicesWhat they may have been particularly angry about is the fact that founder reported about involvement of Amsterdam officials in the toxic waste dump.

Amsterdam officials were involved in the illegal transhipment of the heavily poisoned toxic waste by Trafigura BV and in the departure of the tanker Probo Koala from the port of Amsterdam. The company Amsterdam Port Services (APS) has previously been the target of criminal investigations for involvement in toxic waste offences.

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