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Philosophical Inquiry Into Eugenics

A Global Survey of Nature and Animal Protection Organizations' Vision

On June 27, 2024 the founder of 🦋 started a philosophical inquiry by Cold Calling tens of thousands of nature organizations globally (one by one) with an email to ask them three questions about their vision on eugenics.

The responses and subsequent philosophical conversations are professionally processed with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and are used to provide insights into moral considerations by region, country, organization category and individual organization.

🐬Example: What do marine conservation organizations say about GMO? This platform provides insights for an answer.

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💡 Tip: Seek to converse with the organizations that you like. Ask them about their vision on eugenics and if they refused to answer in our philosophical inquiry, keep pressing them to break The Wittgensteinian Silence.

When discussing genetic modification with organizations, try introducing the term eugenics alongside genetic engineering. This can open up conversations beyond just scientific facts, helping you explore the human-centered assumptions and ideologies (anthropocentrism) behind these practices. By doing so, you might discover new perspectives on how genetic modifications affect animals and nature, leading to more thoughtful and comprehensive discussions about what is needed to secure their well-being.

Fund this project if you can so that more advanced AI technologies can be applied to unlock deeper insights about GMO and to make those insights available to more people globally.

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