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Stop Golden Rice!

“Our Land, Our Food, Our Rice!” Reject Golden Rice!

Since 2013 there has been fierce resistance against the introduction of GMO Golden Rice in 🇵🇭 Philippines.

In 2013 Philippine people destroyed a test field of GMO Golden Rice that the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and the Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) had secretly carried out behind their back.

Anti-Science Heretics

In citation out of

Global outrage ensued after group of Filipino farmers destroyed a test crop of golden rice. There has been little recognition of the Sisyphean struggle of farmers in countries such as the Philippines, Bangladesh and India, yet these farmers have been described as anti-science Luddites that cause the deaths of thousands of children.


The international science establishment is calling for measures against anti-science on par with measures against terrorism and nuclear proliferation. The following 2021 article in Science American provides an example:

(2021) The Antiscience Movement Is Escalating, Going Global and Killing Thousands Antiscience has emerged as a dominant and highly lethal force, and one that threatens global security, as much as do terrorism and nuclear proliferation. We must mount a counteroffensive and build new infrastructure to combat antiscience, just as we have for these other more widely recognized and established threats.

Antiscience is now a large and formidable security threat.
Source: Scientific American

Anti-science is used to characterize opponents of GMO as being engaged in a war on science to justify counter measures in name of war.

Justin B. Biddle

(2018) “Anti-science zealotry”? Values, Epistemic Risk, and the GMO Debate The “anti-science” or “war on science” narrative has become popular among science journalists. While there is no question that some opponents of GMOs are biased or ignorant of the relevant facts, the blanket tendency to characterize critics as anti-science or engaged in a war on science is both misguided and dangerous. Source: PhilPapers (PDF backup) | Philosopher Justin B. Biddle (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Protests Against GMO Today

It is not justified to depict and ignore people in Philippines as being anti-science Luddites or to blame them for killing children for opposing genetically engineered rice.

In 2023 Philippines started cultivating GMO Golden Rice after the National Seed Industry Council (NSIC) and Department of Agriculture issued a biosafety permit in 2021.

Protests against the commercialization of genetically modified Golden Rice in the Philippines have been significant.

Golden Rice Protest

Writ of Kalikasan Peoples’ Manifesto of Unity in Support of the People’s Petition against Golden Rice and the Corporatization of Food and Agriculture!

Stop Golden Rice Network (SGRN)

We believe that GMO Golden Rice is unnecessary and unwanted and being peddled by corporations purely for their profit-making agenda. Golden Rice will only strengthen the grip of corporations over rice and agriculture and will endanger agrobiodiversity and peoples’ health as well. Therefore, farmers, consumers and basic sectors have been campaigning against Golden Rice since the mid-2000s, including the historical uprooting of Golden Rice field trials back in 2013.


Stop Golden Rice! Network (SGRN) Stop Golden Rice! Network (SGRN)

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