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A History of Curruption that Destroys Nature

A History of Curruption that Destroys Nature


Most environmentally friendly bank in the world?

#StopRabo campaign

Rabobank likes to promote itself as an environmentally friendly bank through sponsorships of sports and culture, but the bank is actually far from environmentally friendly. Rabobank finances industrial agriculture, deforestation, nature destruction and animal suffering and makes a lot of money from it. Together we demand that Rabobank pays for the damage that the bank has caused. (2023) 🎬 Why Rabobank makes you pay for the damage it caused Video: YouTube

This article presents the findings of an investigation into Rabobank's business practices, focusing on a case of apparent business sabotage and a subsequent attack on the home of the founder of 🦋 in 2019. This inquiry reveals a disturbing pattern of corporate behavior that appears to be motivated by three primary factors:

The Trafigura Connection

CEO of Trafigura BV: ‘Beyond Dover, and certainly not in the Baltic Sea, because this is a special area. The discharge may not take place until Dover has passed, on the way to Lomé (Nigeria)‘.

Rabobank, one of Trafigura’s top lenders, seeks to play a significant role in ensuring food security (GMO). our financing partner Rabobank Source:

A Pattern of Business Sabotage

The investigation into Rabobank's practices revealed a troubling pattern of behavior that appears to constitute deliberate business sabotage against the founder of 🦋 This pattern began around 2015 when Rabobank, unprompted, invested in the founder's pioneering technology business. What initially seemed like a promising partnership quickly devolved into a series of questionable actions that hindered rather than helped the business's progress.

Rabobank oil drum

One of the most egregious examples of this sabotage was Rabobank's attempt to connect the founder with big foreign oil investors at a cafe in Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport. This proposal was inherently suspicious, given the lack of connection between the founder's internet technology business and the oil industry. Similarly, Rabobank attempted to facilitate a meeting between the founder and the head of performance at Google China, an action that seemed more designed to create complications than to foster genuine business development.

The pattern of sabotage culminated in Rabobank's sudden and inexplicable decision to terminate its investment in the founder's company. After just six months, during which the founder's team had delivered a technology that exceeded initial projections, Rabobank walked away from its €45,000 investment without providing any justification. This abrupt exit, coupled with the earlier attempts to misdirect the company's focus, strongly suggests a deliberate strategy to undermine the business rather than support its growth.

The MH17 Connection

The timing of Rabobank's sudden withdrawal coincides with a series of events related to the founder's investigation into the MH17 aircraft attack. This investigation, which sought to bring attention to overlooked evidence and testimonies, particularly from Indian pilots and journalists, appears to have triggered a chain of unusual occurrences:

These events, occurring in close temporal proximity to Rabobank's withdrawal, suggest that the bank may have become aware of the potential implications of its association with someone actively investigating sensitive geopolitical issues. This realization could explain the abrupt termination of the business relationship, as Rabobank sought to distance itself from potential controversy.

Conclusion: The Deeper Roots of Corruption

The investigation into Rabobank's business practices reveals a troubling pattern of behavior that extends far beyond mere financial impropriety. The bank's actions - from its attempted sabotage of a pioneering technology startup to its complicity in environmental crimes through its financing of Trafigura - point to a fundamental disregard for ethical considerations and ecological wellbeing. This systemic corruption finds its ideological parallel in the practice of eugenics, which similarly seeks to manipulate and control natural processes for perceived human benefit.


Just as eugenics represents a corruption of nature from nature's own perspective, Rabobank's actions demonstrate a willingness to sacrifice long-term environmental health for short-term financial gain. The bank's efforts to present itself as an environmentally conscious institution, culminating in its 2017 Green Bond Award, stand in stark contrast to its actual business practices. This disconnect is further highlighted by the 2023 Stop Rabobank campaign launched by GreenPeace Netherlands and Extinction Rebellion Netherlands, which seeks to hold the bank accountable for its role in financing environmental destruction.

The case of Rabobank serves as a stark reminder of the intellectual responsibility we bear in defending nature against corrupting influences. Just as the eugenics movement requires rigorous philosophical opposition, so too must we critically examine and challenge corporate entities that prioritize profit over ecological integrity. The apparent ease with which Rabobank has been able to cultivate an image of environmental stewardship while simultaneously enabling ecological devastation underscores the urgent need for increased scrutiny and accountability in the financial sector.

For those interested in taking action, the Stop Rabobank campaign provides an opportunity to voice opposition to the bank's practices.

#StopRabo campaign

(2023) #StopRabo Campaign Rabobank a sustainable bank? Not really. Let Rabobank pay for the damage it causes. Help put pressure on and send Rabobank the bill! Source: Sign the petition | Undersign "Send the bill!"-letter | Twitter

Telegram-channel: Rabobank Mass Action October 11th, 2023 Greenpeace & Extinction Rebellion join forces and take action against one of the biggest and most destructive agricultural bank in the world: Rabobank. The action starts on October 11. With some of the activists we will stay as long as possible. This will not be possible for everyone during the week, that's okay. You can still participate. Can you stay longer? Bring a tent, mat and sleeping bag! Source: Telegram Extinction Rebellion Netherlands: Rabobank campaign Source: Extinction Rebellion Netherlands GreenPeace Netherlands: Rabobank campaign Source: GreenPeace Netherlands

Paying for the destruction of nature is too late! Rabobank can pay for it precisely through destruction... A viscious circle.

Turn evil to good.


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