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Pedophilia in Justice

The founder of has helped to expose pedophilia within the judiciary.

Photo ยฉ NRC Handelsblad

The founder discovered that sweet old lady Yvonne Keuls was spat in the face on the street by law enforcement officers and verbally threatened by the public prosecutor when she tried to have a pedophile judge prosecuted. At one point, the woman did not dare to leave her house for three months because of the threats.

Yvonne Keuls

Volkskrant: โ€˜It is an absolute injustice what happenedโ€™

While pedo-porn photos were taken in the Hague Palace of Justice, Justice looked the other way. And not the pedophile judge, but whistleblower Yvonne Keuls was slandered and threatened. Charges against the judge were dropped.

The judge (Theo Reub) was never prosecuted and was allowed to retire early while Yvonne Keuls was faced with threats.

The Minister of Justice was involved. It is already the 4th pedosexual judge to be protected by his colleagues and Justice in recent years.

Yvonne: โ€œMinister of Justice Opstelten, who has always protected the pedo judge Joris Demmink in a striking manner, was a friend of the judge.

I was reviled for suing a juvenile court judge as a whistleblower. It was apparently irrelevant that in the meantime it was someone who had committed the highest form of abuse of power against children.

Dutch minister Els Borst planned to expose a pedophilia ring in the government and was murdered by a psychiatric patient. According to sources, she was murdered by the secret service (AIVD), where she worked herself in the past.

The minister was an elderly woman and an active advocate of free choice for euthanasia, while the critical blog of the founder at the time was actively counter-arguing euthanasia by psychiatry. Essentially, the minister was the primary opponent (enemy) of the critical blog, on behalf of free choice for euthanasia for mental problems.

The following publication shows founder's reporting about the subject.

Political extortion and euthanasia in psychiatry ('the Dutch Way') Source:

Since then the secret service (AIVD) appears to have been an enemy of founder and the attack on his home in 2019 is likely related.

The head of the Dutch Justice system (highest function) raped children.

I myself [lawyer] represent two Turkish victims who were raped and sexually abused when they were 11 and 14 years old. The perpetrator was a high ranking Dutch government official, nowadays Secretary-General of the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice, Mr. Joris Demmink.

Mr. Demmink in 1995 was caught during the act of sex with the two children, in Turkey, while attending a party in Bodrum. At this party, young children were sexually abused.

The two well documented criminal charges that were filed against Mr. Demmink by the two Turkish boys were never investigated. As soon as Mr. Demmink became a person of interest, the investigation was shut down. All video evidence went missing and all telephone communication between the suspects suddenly stopped. This happened before Mr. Demmink became the head of Dutch Justice.

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