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Pedophilia in Justice

As a philosopher of morality and a decades-long defender of free will, I founded in February 2022 to defend animals and plants against eugenics.

For decades, I have questioned the foundations of science and the idea that mind is produced by the brain, through a critical philosophical blog on psychiatry, 🦋

The blog helped to unmask pedophilia in Justice and investigated political corruption behind the legislation of euthanasia in psychiatry.

Photo © NRC Handelsblad

Minister Els Borst

Els Borst

The minister was an elderly woman and an active advocate of free choice to end life, while my critical blog actively counter argued euthanasia in psychiatry. Essentially, the minister was the primary opponent of my critical blog at the time, on behalf of free choice for euthanasia for a mental wish.

Attack on My Home in Utrecht

[Show the confession and my response to the Legal Counsel]

Confession by the Perpetrator

In 2020, two months into the attack on my home, the perpetrator suddenly, and without reason, confesses to me by email that a false suspicion and a threat with a police raid in 2018, had not come from himself, but from people from the municipality. He also wrote in his email that he had grown to admire me.

The perpetrator's confession came at an odd time. Until then, he had destroyed my home and contents and had ignored the report of damage against reasonableness. Also, the perpetrator had behaved absurdly disrespectful and became violent, for which an official police report was filed.

Jan Jaap, for me you are a special man who is a good tenant in every way.

You know that I once [falsely] suspected you, which didn’t even come from me, but from people from the municipality.

Slowly I could appreciate your person. That is why I think the current calamities are very annoying.

The perpetrator is an educated engineer of which it is to be expected that he knew what he was doing.

I could not explain why people at the municipality would have raised a false suspicion and threatened a police raid on my small room in the middle of the center of Utrecht.

I was the founder of the Facebook page I Love Utrecht with over 14,000 readers at the time, which was actively managed by several social media editors, and with which many people were happy. Publications regularly had more than 500 likes.

Furthermore, I had no relationship or history with the municipality, or with the police.

Juridisch Loket

During the attack on my home, I contacted the Legal Counsel. In her response, they sent a personal email from a psychiatric patient who told a threatening paranoid story.

That must have been technically impossible and in principle cannot have been an accident. It is also virtually impossible that an ordinary employee of the Legal Counsel would do such a thing, because you could lose your job or worse as a result.

You are sending an email from someone else in your message. I don’t think that should just happen, because you are dealing with sensitive information from people.

I can of course think of corruption or sad motives from you as an individual to do so, and in that case it will not be an intelligent act. Just because there are people with mental health problems doesn’t mean you should give rogue doctors a license to mess around in their brains. For you as an employee of the Legal Counsel it is important to know your place and to deliver quality, even if people behave incorrectly or have ideas that are incorrect. There should be no room for corruption.

Despite the potential for a dubious action on your part, I hereby inform you that the error should not have occurred if it were an accident.

Other than that, thanks for the advice! I hope that you will serve people with sincerity.

Details of the attack are available on my blog 🦋

In summary, the attack came out of the blue and was absolutely absurd. The police intimidation, the violence, the slander and the corruption of the Judiciary, were unnatural.

Euthanasia in Psychiatry

A few months before the attack on my home in 2019, Google persistently showed a remarkable ad on my phone for a tiny local newspaper of a far away town that I am in no way affiliated with, which reminded me of political corruption that I had reported about almost a decade earlier.

Political extortion and euthanasia in psychiatry ('the Dutch Way') Source: 🦋

This provides an additional clue that the attack on my home is likely related to minister Els Borst and my reporting about pedophilia in Justice.

Raping of Children

Joris Demmink

The head of the Dutch Justice system (highest function), Joris Demmink, raped young children.

I myself [lawyer] represent two Turkish victims who were raped and sexually abused when they were 11 and 14 years old. The perpetrator was a high ranking Dutch government official, nowadays Secretary-General of the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice, Mr. Joris Demmink.

Mr. Demmink in 1995 was caught during the act of sex with the two children, in Turkey, while attending a party in Bodrum. At this party, young children were sexually abused.

The two well documented criminal charges that were filed against Mr. Demmink by the two Turkish boys were never investigated. As soon as Mr. Demmink became a person of interest, the investigation was shut down. All video evidence went missing and all telephone communication between the suspects suddenly stopped. This happened before Mr. Demmink became the head of Dutch Justice.


Whistleblowers Suppressed

Yvonne Keuls

Volkskrant: ‘It is an absolute injustice what happened’

While pedo-porn photos were taken in the Hague Palace of Justice, Justice looked the other way. And not the pedophile judge, but whistleblower Yvonne Keuls was slandered and threatened. Charges against the judge were dropped.

The judge (Theo Reub) was never prosecuted and was allowed to retire early while Yvonne Keuls was faced with threats.

The Minister of Justice was involved. It is already the 4th pedosexual judge to be protected by his colleagues and Justice in recent years.

Yvonne: “Minister of Justice Opstelten, who has always protected the pedo judge Joris Demmink in a striking manner, was a friend of the judge.

I was reviled for suing a juvenile court judge as a whistleblower. It was apparently irrelevant that in the meantime it was someone who had committed the highest form of abuse of power against children.

Demmink Doofpot Demmink Cover-up Source: Twitter: Arrest Demmink Source:

The Washington Times Deletes Articles about Pedophile

The Washington Times deleted all its articles about the head of Justice Joris Demmink, which could be suspicious. An empty topic summary about Joris Demmink remains on its website.

The major Dutch newspaper RTL Nieuws writes in its topic summary: Joris Demmink is being prosecuted for the rape of children, indicating that a deletion of the topic hasn't been appropiate.

The Washington Times

Dutch Injustice: When Child Traffickers Rule A Nation

YouTube (download) | Turkish police officer: Demmink raped children

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