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⛽ Big Auto's Hydrogen-Electric Scam

Centralised versus decentralised energy. Hydrogen is a resource tycoon's pipe dream. ~

Hydrogen Gas Pump

Many big car manufacturers have anounced a shift to hydrogen powered vehicles.

Hydrogen pipeline network European hydrogen pipelines

Investigation of The Hydrogen Scam

This article will show that the motive for a transition to hydrogen is a scam that will cost buyers more money and that is less beneficial for the environment.

Marc Tarpenning

There’s a saying in the auto industry that hydrogen is the future of transportation and always will be. It’s a scam as far as I can tell.

(2020) Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology A Scam: Tesla Co-Founder Source: ValueWalk | Listen to the podcast on YouTube

Daniel Bleakley
Scott Morrison

They even get politicians, like former prime minister Scott Morrison, to drive and pose with hydrogen cars. He wouldn’t, and didn’t, do that with an electric car, which is why the continued push into what many insist is a fundamentally flawed technology should be properly investigated.

(2023) The madness of Big Auto's push for hydrogen-powered cars Source:

Baroness Parminter

Baroness Parminter, chair of the committee, told the BBC that government officials and other witnesses had reported reading disinformation on EVs in national newspapers.

There is an anti-EV story in the papers almost every day. Sometimes there are many stories, almost all of which are based on misconceptions and mistruths, unfortunately.

We have seen a concerted effort to scare people...

(2024) Electric vehicles: Lords urge action on misinformation in press Source: BBC | Twitter of Lords Environment and Climate Change Committee

Big Auto, and Big Oil and Gas, like hydrogen technology for cars it because it matches their existing business models – complex engines that require heavy and costly maintenance, and a fuel distribution system that generates money.

The Root of The Problem

As the founder of since 2017, an independent promotional guide for electric scooters, mopeds, light motorcycles and microcars that is available in over 50 languages and that is visited from over 174 countries per week on average, I have been able to watch the transition from petrol vehicles to electric vehicles from upclose.

An Independent Promotional Guide

Without a lucrative business model for the service providers, the existing service infrastructure collapses.

Rube Goldberg Machines

Saul Griffith

Saul Griffith, the founder and chief scientist at the nonprofit Rewiring America, and the brains behind the electrify everything campaign, describes hydrogen-electric cars as Rube Goldberg machines.

Rube Goldberg machines are named after an American cartoonist and are designed to perform a simple task using a series of absurd and unnecessary steps which comically over complicate achieving the desired goal.

Rube Goldberg Machine

With hydrogen-electric vehicles the system is far more complex and more closely resembles our current petrol and diesel Rube Goldberg on steroids system.

Hydrogen versus Battery Electric

Hydrogen represents a continuation of the highly centralised and monopolised fossil fuel powered system, where a handful of oil companies control the entire world’s supply chain of transport energy.

Health Hazard: Only Water as a Byproduct is a Lie

Air pollution by hydrogen combustion engines

Exposure to Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) can lead to severe health effects and death.

A concentration of 300 mg/m³ of HCN in the air can be lethal to a human within about 10 minutes. It would take approximately 128 hydrogen engine powered vehicles to achieve a concentration of 300 mg/m³ in the air.

Fuel Cell Versus Hydrogen Combustion Engines

Fuel cell technology is more complex than a hydrogen combustion engine and requires a very pure source of hydrogen, which is difficult to guarantee in practice. The most economical methods for hydrogen production cause impurities that can break fuel cells.

Complex fuel cell technology is difficult and costly to maintain. A hydrogen engine fits in existing petrol car platforms.

The initial release of clean fuel cell hydrogen cars might be a scheme to mask the imminent transition to more economically feasible hydrogen combustion engines that will emit a new type of highly hazardous toxic fumes.

(2024) This hydrogen combustion engine from Kia and Hyundai heralds a new dawn in automotive – Everything will change Source: Hydrogen Central

Hydrogen In Steel Production


A hype is currently ongoing to achieve clean steel production with the use of hydrogen.

Lourenco Goncalves

On a call with investors in late January 2024, one of the most powerful figures in American steel laid out plans to get rich with hydrogen.

Hydrogen is the real game-changing event in ironmaking and steelmaking said The Elon Musk of Steel Lourenco Goncalves, CEO of Cleveland-Cliffs, North America's largest flat-rolled steel company. We are doing this to get paid, not to brag about it.


While a proposed Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF) Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) method can provide a significant reduction of pollution, it fundamentally depends on billions of dollars of subsidies per factory and a low price for green hydrogen by 2050, and some European CEO's complain that it cannot be done, despite receiving billions of euro's of subsidies.

🔥 Burning Hydrogen Is More Economically Feasible

The burning of hydrogen instead of coal provides a significant economic advantage while it reduces some types of emissions that governments aim to reduce. It is therefore to be expected that the industry will shift to the burning of hydrogen instead of coal.

The new types of emissions of the burning of hydrogen, as described in chapter ^, are extremely hazardous for human health.

Coal fumes to be replaced by hydrogen fumes. Less CO2, but releasing new pollutants into the air that are extremely hazardous.

Hydrogen Pushers Are Getting Angry and Agressive

Michael Barnard

My acquaintance Tom Baxter, chemical engineer Senior Lecturer at University of Aberdeen and generally delightful bearded Scotsman was accused of being a bitter troll by a UK hydrogen gas utility CEO. The same CEO blocked me after a single comment...

A major manufacturer’s hydrogen lead snapped at me in a professional thread for, you know, pointing out relevant but inconvenient truths.

A major cleantech think tank’s hydrogen lead kept poking me on social media until I dropped a 13,000 word critique of his team’s positions in his lap. Comments on my articles and on LinkedIn have filled up with aggrieved souls fighting for hydrogen.

I’ve observed hydrogen Ambassadors whining about basic data and logic. I’ve seen chemical engineers with decades of hydrogen experience described as ignorant haters.

The cognitive dissonance of the hydrogen for energy crowd is growing daily.

You would think that hydrogen for energy advocates would realize that these were terrible optics, not to mention dumb as a box of oiled velveteen hammers, but no...

(2024) Hydrogen For Energy Types Are Getting More And More Angry Source: Clean Technica


In light of for example Europe's 100 billion euro push of a hydrogen backbone pipeline, the by Michael Barnard observed increased incidence of anger and agression from hydrogen advocates, when confronted with information, might not be indicative of stupidity, but rather of a motive in line with corruption.

Australian PM Scott Morrison in a hydrogen car

Daniel Bleakley

Journalist Daniel Bleakley of calls for a proper investigation of corruption.

They even get politicians, like former prime minister Scott Morrison, to drive and pose with hydrogen cars. He wouldn’t, and didn’t, do that with an electric car, which is why the continued push into what many insist is a fundamentally flawed technology should be properly investigated.

(2023) The madness of Big Auto's push for hydrogen-powered cars Source:

(2022) Morrison's hydrogen push is a Trojan horse Source: Renew Economy

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