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Animal Protection Is Failing

In chapter Intellectual Challenge: Wittgenstinian Silence and subchapter Animal Protection Fails in the article about eugenics, it is shown that animal protection fails when it concerns GMO.

In 2021, the scientific establishment officially reported that the GMO debate is over and that anti-GMO activism has become almost irrelevant.

A topic on the 🥗 Philosophical Vegan forum, where many animal protectors are active, was met with silence, despite being viewed by over 8,000 people.

The natural inclination to take an intellectual backseat, caused by the Wittgenstinian Silence problem, isn't understood by most people, and therefore activism against GMO is literally fading away today.

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Defense against GMO isn't naturally secured by intellectual people and people who care for animals, as shown by the Wittgenstinian Silence problem.

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