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Eugenics on Nature

A brief philosophical overview of the history of eugenics, the roots of the Nazi Holocaust and eugenics today.

Printed on February 27, 2024

Table of Contents (TOC)

As can be seen on the website Christchurch Truth, the 2019 New Zealand terrorist attack is called a PsyOp.

Psyop (2019) Christchurch Truth The PsyOp that deceived a nation. Source: (PDF backup)

After a myserious attack on my home in 2019, paranormal influences forced me to investigate the attack and I reported about it with sincerity through the website .com.

Film Third Eye Spies, 2019

👁️ Paranormal dream of the future: 20+ years chronological content A philosophical perspective on the ability to view into the future, and what it means for theories of consciousness. Source: Society for Psychical Research

The investigation led me to the discovery of corruption related to the US war in 🇱🇾 Libya.

US War in 🇱🇾 Libya in 2011

Norway was close to a prevention of the Libya war, until a suspicious terrorism event took place in 2011, after which the Prime Minister of Norway became the head of NATO, and after which Norway dropped the most bombs on Libya of all countries.

(2021) The secret Norwegian peace talks that nearly prevented Libya’s 2011 war The confidential Norwegian-brokered peace talks were the closest in the world to come to a peaceful end to Libya’s 2011 war. Source:

Secret NATO Spy Operation in Oslo

NATO performed a secret spy operation in Oslo, since 18 months before the terror attack in 2011 and the Minister of Justice of Norway later said that he didn't knew.

The office of the Prime Minister was specifically targeted and blew up.

(2011) Deadly blast rocks prime minister's office in Oslo Source:

The bombs killed more than 500.000 innocent people in Libya!

(2021) NATO Killed Civilians in Libya. It's Time to Admit It. Source: (Foreign Policy)

(2015) War crime: NATO deliberately destroyed Libya's water infrastructure The deliberate bombing of Libya's water infrastructure, with the knowledge that doing so would result in massive deaths of the population, is not just a war crime, but a genocidal strategy. The Ecologist Source: The Ecologist: Informed by Nature

During the Cold War, NATO carried out terrorist attacks in European cities under the name Operation Gladio, for which left-wing groups were falsely blamed. The attacks were intended to create an atmosphere of fear.

NATO's bombing of Libya

9/11 Truth Movement

9/11 movement
In the case that the government has performed the 9/11 attack, what would (or should) it imply?

Politician: I think it implies that our government IS a terrorist organization. While, we are mere citizens; we should not condone or support its more murderous activities. Although, I think the guns are now being pointed at us.

[Show all questions]
With regard the truth about the 9/11 attack. Would it be possible to share your motive to be involved?

I became a political activist in the wake of watching the film JFK and doing research on the CIA. I was outraged and felt I should do something to challenge a policy which tortures, kills, and terrorizes people.

Would it be possible to describe the favorable outcome of your work?

Just raising consciousness and awareness. At this point, hopefully more people will not buy all the propaganda deluging us on Covid19. If you were at our website, you will see that we did include a talk and film on Covid19 in our last big annual event.

Our mission statement is- to seek and disseminate truths about the terrible crimes committed on September 11, 2001, exposing gaps and deceptions in the official story. Our goal is to inspire more eyewitness revelations, truthful media coverage, and a movement that will bring the responsible criminals to justice and eliminate governmental and corporate policies that enable criminal elements to commit such acts.

In the case that the government has performed the attack, what would (or should) it imply?

I think it implies that our government IS a terrorist organization. While, we are mere citizens; we should not condone or support its more murderous activities. Although, I think the guns are now being pointed at us.

Most people would like to put their head in the sand and are obediently going along with the manufactured reality blasted at them constantly by the media.

It sounds like you have crossed some line to be a target in the Great Game...

I replied with the following, which displays my philosophical perspective.

With regard the declaration of the government as a 'terrorist organization'. While I understand that it is a natural aim or goal, from the perspective of results it may be best to have a clear vision of how it should be.

The idea that the government is a terrorist organization, may not lead to favorable results.

A saying in 🇷🇺 Russia is a fish rots from the top down.

Such a wisdom translated to the general nature of people makes it logical that people are inclined to denounce information that promote the idea that the government is a terrorist organization. People (in general) logically are ought (or feel inclined) to do what matters for maintaining a peaceful mind, which is essential for stability and progress.

Is 'truth' more important than what matters for prosperous existence of individual humans and people? Without the (terrorist) government, what 'truth' would there be left to be important for them?

To remove the potential for contention, the higher purpose of people will need to be served.

I understand that from the perspective of investigative journalism, one simply intends to fulfill his/her job as good as possible and unmasking truth is in a sense the highest purpose, while one humbly withholds from telling people how they should live or think.

To achieve results with regard to 'prevention of terrorism', it may be important to discover the root of the fact that the government performed terrorism.

I recently read the following:

  • There is an old saying in Washington that the cover-up is worse than the crime.
  • Conventional wisdom in Washington has it that the cover-up is always worse than the crime.

This appears to be evidence that a certain morality within the government is likely to be possible. One then simply needs to find the root of the problem, which may provide insights for experts of how it can be ensured that the government follows a righteous path.

Yours Sincerely,

Philosophical questions that interest me and that explain my position and involvement:

  • Is "truth" more important than a peaceful state of mind?
  • If not, what does that mean with regard to (the potential for) morality in politics?

In a podcast with as guest Lisa Monaco, a former Counterterrorism Advisor of President Barack Obama who led the post-9/11 transformation of the FBI, she addresses the significance of a sound 🧭 moral compass, and she hints that morality might involve more than social and cultural instincts.

In the podcast she mentions that morality involves a 'sixth sense':

Lisa MonacoYou've got to set the right tone. We are familiar with the phrase "tone comes from the top". Of course that is true.

I have had some amazing mentors and leaders who I have worked with and for. From Bob Muller in the FBI. Amazing leader whose leadership style was formed in his time with the Marines. "Leading by example". I have learned a tremendous amount from him.

(2020) Former Presidential Advisor: Leadership During Crisis Source: The Leadership Podcast
9/11 Truth movement Source: Wikipedia

These organizations are an indication that the idea that the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 was performed by the government, should be taken serious.

The fact that an official US politician claims that the government 'IS' (capitalized) a terrorist organization - and communicates that openly towards the public as a means to demand change for "a policy which tortures, kills, and terrorizes people." is also an indication that the idea that the 9/11 attack was performed by the government, should be taken serious.

Movement still active in 2024

The 9/11 Truth movement is still gaining new promiment leaders after 20 years. In 2023, presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy demanded 9/11 Truth.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (2023) RFK Jr. Isn't So Sure About 9/11: 'Strange Things Happened' Source: Rolling Stone

Whereas, the overwhelming evidence presented in said petition demonstrates beyond any doubt that pre-planted explosives and/or incendiaries — not just airplanes and the ensuing fires — caused the destruction of the three World Trade Center buildings, killing the vast majority of the victims who perished that day.

Chris Gioia

Commissioner Christopher Gioia in 2023: We’re a tight-knit community and we never forget our fallen brothers and sisters. You better believe that when the entire fire service of New York State is on board, we will be an unstoppable force, Gioia said. We were the first fire district to pass this resolution. We won’t be the last, he added.

[Show video on Firefighters for 9-11 Truth]

In an interview in 2019, Christopher Gioia said the following:

There's a lot of testimony there from the firemen and police, first responders, as to what they saw and they heard. I believe about 200 or so mention explosions. They saw red flashes. There was a lot of popping, explosions, and everybody had pretty much... There was a common theme. They all said they thought it was... It almost looked like a controlled demolition. The people actually said that.

(2019) Seeking Justice for 9/11 Heroes: An Interview with New York Area Fire Commissioner Christopher Gioia Source: Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth
(2023) More Americans Questioning Official 9/11 Story As Evidence Contradicts Official Narrative Source: MintPress News

MH17 Airplane Attack

There are indications that NATO was involved in the MH17 airplane attack. For example, NATO denied to provide access to satellite imagery, which is suspicious.

[Show details of MH17 attack investigation]

Articles about 🇮🇳 Air India 113 and the lying by India's ministry about the MH17 airplane attack were the first thing that I saw in Google's top 10 search results, causing me to post them on my Facebook profile, a few days after the attack.

Two years later, literally zero Western media channels, including conspiracy blogs, had provided attention to 🇮🇳 Air India 113. This caused me to, increasingly more active, seek attention for missing coverage.

Questionable Reroute of the Flight Path

How "direct routing" proved fatalHow "direct routing" proved fatal

Ukraine's air traffic control gave MH17 a questionable reroute and, minutes before the airplane was shot down, instructed MH17 to fly an unusual straight path.

A journalist from the Times of India, one of India's largest newspapers, wrote the following about it:

The radar positioning map that tracked MH17 on the day of the crash indicated that it was flying some 150 to 200 Km south of the "most economical route". If saving fuel costs was a consideration for the rerouting by Ukrainian air traffic control, then the aircraft would have passed through Ukrainian airspace north of Kiev.

There was another positional map published yesterday that showed a noticeable 'jink' in the aircraft's course, minutes before it crossed into the Dniepropetrovsk ATC zone.

(2014) Air India flight was 90 seconds away when missile struck Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Source: Times of India (PDF backup)

India's Ministry Lied about Air India 113

Air India

Newspapers in India reported that India's Ministry lied that flight Air India 113 was not near MH17.

The pilots of Air India 113 heard Ukrainian air traffic control give MH17 a so called direct routing, to fly straight, instead of the regular zig-zag track, minutes before it was shot down. The pilots of Air India 113 also attempted to contact MH17 by radio after it was shot down.

(2014) An Air India flight was near MH17: Technology nails Indian Ministry's lie Source: Firstpost (PDF backup)

Spanish Air Traffic Controller went Missing

A Spanish air traffic controller named Carlos also claimed that MH17 was rerouted by air traffic controllers in Kiev, minutes before the airplane was shot down, and he claimed that two Ukrainian Su25 aircraft had trailed MH17.

Soon afterwards, a media smear campaign against Carlos began, and he went missing.

NATO Denies Access to Satellite Images

There were testimonies that claim that MH17 was shot down by Ukrainian fighter jets.

NATO denied to provide access to satellite imagery, which was suspicious.

It means that NATO could write whatever they want in their report.

(2014) U.S. Intelligence Veterans Criticize Obama for Peddling Weak MH17 Evidence Source:

In 2021, a journalist of Veterans Today published an article that stated that the MH17 attack was a false flag operation.

(2021) Veterans Today: MH17 airplane attack was a false flag operation Already in 2014, shortly after the attack, veterans criticized the course of the investigation. An official publication in 2021 called the attack a false flag operation. Important: What happened to air traffic controller Carlos who had the courage to stand up for the truth? How did the 🇮🇳 Air India 113 pilots and Indian journalists fare after they showed the Indian ministry lied about MH17? Source: Veterans Today (PDF backup)

Start of the Investigation

A few months before the attack on my home in 2019, as described in chapter ^, Google persistently showed a remarkable ad on my phone for a tiny local newspaper of a far away town that I am in no way affiliated with, which reminded me of political corruption that I had reported about almost a decade earlier.

Political Extortion and Euthanasia in Psychiatry ('the Dutch Way') Source: Zielenknijper Pedophila in Justice

The story is directly related to my blog's involvement to uncover pedophilia in the government.

The minister was an elderly woman and an active advocate of free choice to end life, while my critical blog Zielenknijper at the time actively counter-argued euthanasia in psychiatry. Essentially, the minister was the primary opponent of the critical blog, on behalf of free choice for euthanasia for a mental wish.

Pedophilia (raping of children) by judges and other people in Justice Source:

Air India 113

Air India

In a retro-perspective, the articles about 🇮🇳 Air India 113 and the lying by India's ministry about the MH17 airplane attack, as described in chapter ^, were the first thing that I saw in Google's top 10 search results and I had posted the articles on my Facebook profile just a few days after the attack.

Two years later, literally zero Western media channels, including conspiracy blogs, had provided attention to 🇮🇳 Air India 113. This caused me to, increasingly more active, seek attention for missing coverage.

NATO Military Alliance


Starting around 2011, there had been paranormal events, including absurdly profound paranormal visions, that caused me to start to question the intentions of the former Prime Minister of Norway, who would become the head of NATO.

NATO People in the Hotel of my Sister

There were strange events such as two foreign NATO people visiting the hotel of my sister while I was staying there.

The boyfriend of my sister studied at an elite management school in the US and stayed at home with politicians in Washington. He made an extra special connection with each guest in the small 6 room hotel.

One night, through paranormal perception, I heard my sister confirmatively responding to her boyfriend that the two NATO people had the intention to kill me, and the next day the boyfriend threw me out of the hotel by shouting extremely loud in the hallway of the hotel, which was an absurd event.

Paranormal Vision of the Head of NATO

One day, when I was bicycling in the city of Utrecht, I had a paranormal vision that the Prime Minister of Norway with a team of angry barbarian agents were looking for a way to attack me in the city, causing me to go into quarantine again, and that caused me to consider why the Prime Minister of Norway - a far away place, from my then perspective - might have anything against me.

I was author of Zielenknijper, a critical blog on psychiatry, thus I thought that it might be about a difference of opinion with regard psychiatry, which seemed like a strange motivation for the barbarian anger that I had perceived. I did not know yet then, that he had become the head of NATO.

The reason that I knew the Prime Minister at all in my mind, was because I had sensed a strange unyielding hostility from him after the 2011 terrorist attack. I hadn't thought anything of it, other than my then consideration that I might not understand the culture of Norway. Subsequently, the perpetrator was admitted to psychiatry, causing me to maintain a journalistic watch.

Murder of a Childhood Friend

There are indications that NATO murdered one of my childhood friends.

8 days after the NATO event, one of my childhood friends drove off the road with his motorcycle.

On that day I had a very strong paranormal vision in which a vision of my childhood friend came towards me with a great force. In retro-perspective I had seen much more that day by which I knew for certain that something had been done to him. I also thought to have noticed the face expression of someone that attacked him (a derogatory perspective towards my friend).

I found the obituary via Google some time later, and read what had happened to him.

  1. On July 15, 2015, I actively sought awareness for the pilots of 🇮🇳 Air India 113 and the lying by India's ministry, regarding the shooting down of airplane MH17
  2. On July 28, 2015, a major NATO event was called by 🇹🇷 Turkey. I sensed at the time that some people at that event wanted to do something against me.
  3. On August 5, 2015, one of my childhood friends drove off the road with his motorcycle.

An event in the city on the date on which my friend drove off the road.

Terrorist Attack in Utrecht

United Nations Day

Some time later there was a terrorist attack in the city Utrecht on 24 October Square, a square that refers to United Nations Day, the founding date of the United Nations.

Initially, I decided to stay away from it, because in the paranormal vision I had noticed that the attack was planned and agreed upon.

The perpetrator of the terrorist attack in Utrecht was Turkish.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (2019) Attack in Utrecht: the Erdogan connection? Source: Arab News (PDF backup)

According to various sources, the terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand was a staged event. The perpetrator is said to have entered New Zealand from Turkey.

(2019) Christchurch Truth The PsyOp that deceived a nation. Source: (PDF backup)

According to a source, Islamic jihadists are sent to Chechnya by NATO to fight for financial interests.

(2019) NATO's Secret Islamic Jihad in Chechnya and its Role in the 9/11 Attack Oil and the struggle for Chechnya and the important role of Turkey. Bombings at a marathon sporting event in Boston, Massachusetts by a young man of Chechen origin, in the spring of 2013, suddenly drew public focus onto the role of Chechnya. At least eleven of the 9/11 al-Qaeda hijackers travelled to Chechnya. Mujahideens were not referred to as al-Qaeda until 2001, September 11th. Turkey gave them passports, and then funnel them in 1997, 1998 to certain Eastern European countries and the Balkans. Source: (PDF backup)

Motive for the Attack

Before 2019 I never investigated NATO and I didn't publicly question the intentions of the Prime Minister of Norway until after the attack on my home in 2019.

As can be seen in an email that I sent on July 15, 2015, my participation with regard the investigation of the MH17 airplane attack had been decent.

The Indian government was caught spreading lies and the main stream media in India reported about it.

(2014) An Air India flight was near MH17: Technology nails Indian Ministry's lie Source: Firstpost (PDF backup)

(2014) Air India flight was 90 seconds away when missile struck Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Source: Times of India (PDF backup)

How is it possible that this evidence is missing from the knowledge of a professional investigative reporter? ... When I search on your website, 0 results are found ...

An early motive to personally attack me, even before the MH17 airplane attack, must have originated from the Prime Minister of Norway. That implies that the motive is most likely related to eugenics and Nazi ideology that I critically addressed using the blog Zielenknijper

My Philosophical Background

As a philosopher of morality and a decades-long defender of free will, I founded in February 2022 to defend animals and plants against eugenics.

For decades, I have questioned the foundations of science and the idea that mind is produced by the brain.

My quest began around 2006 through the Dutch critical blog Zielenknijper with an investigation into what I categorized as the free will abolishment movement.

The free will abolishment movement is rooted in scientism, the belief that the interests of science weigh higher than human moral interests and free will. This movement has been going on for centuries and my investigation revealed that the movement was the root cause of the Nazi holocaust and eugenics.

The Philosophical Roots of the Holocaust: Psychiatry, Eugenics, Scientism, and the Loss of Morality Source: Zielenknijper

In extension of my philosophical research into eugenics, I founded in February 2022 to defend animals and plants against eugenics.

Attack on my Home in Utrecht

My home in Utrecht

During the attack, all contents of my home were destroyed, I was subjected to unnatural slander, violence, extreme and absurd corruption of Justice, police intimidation and I would ultimately lose my home due to corruption by the Judiciary of Utrecht.

[Show the confession and my response to the Legal Counsel]

Confession by the Perpetrator

In 2020, two months into the attack on my home, the perpetrator suddenly, and without reason, confesses to me by email that a false suspicion and a threat with a police raid in 2018, had not come from himself, but from people from the municipality. He also wrote in his email that he had grown to admire me.

The perpetrator's confession came at an odd time. Until then, he had destroyed my home and contents and had ignored the report of damage against reasonableness. Also, the perpetrator had behaved absurdly disrespectful and became violent, for which an official police report was filed.

Jan Jaap, for me you are a special man who is a good tenant in every way.

You know that I once [falsely] suspected you, which didn’t even come from me, but from people from the municipality.

Slowly I could appreciate your person. That is why I think the current calamities are very annoying.

The perpetrator is an educated engineer of which it is to be expected that he knew what he was doing.

I could not explain why people at the municipality would have raised a false suspicion and threatened a police raid on my small room in the middle of the center of Utrecht.

I was the founder of the Facebook page I Love Utrecht with over 14,000 readers at the time, which was actively managed by several social media editors, and with which many people were happy. Publications regularly had more than 500 likes.

Furthermore, I had no relationship or history with the municipality, or with the police.

Juridisch Loket

During the attack on my home, I contacted the Legal Counsel. In her response, they sent a personal email from a psychiatric patient who told a threatening paranoid story.

That must have been technically impossible and in principle cannot have been an accident. It is also virtually impossible that an ordinary employee of the Legal Counsel would do such a thing, because you could lose your job or worse as a result.

You are sending an email from someone else in your message. I don’t think that should just happen, because you are dealing with sensitive information from people.

I can of course think of corruption or sad motives from you as an individual to do so, and in that case it will not be an intelligent act. Just because there are people with mental health problems doesn’t mean you should give rogue doctors a license to mess around in their brains. For you as an employee of the Legal Counsel it is important to know your place and to deliver quality, even if people behave incorrectly or have ideas that are incorrect. There should be no room for corruption.

Despite the potential for a dubious action on your part, I hereby inform you that the error should not have occurred if it were an accident.

Other than that, thanks for the advice! I hope that you will serve people with sincerity.

Details of the attack are available on my old critical blog Zielenknijper

Pedophila in Justice Pedophilia (raping of children) by judges and other people in Justice Source:

In summary, the attack came out of the blue and was absolutely absurd. The police intimidation, the violence, the slander and the corruption of the Judiciary, were unnatural.


Mickey in the Phantom Blot

I started an investigation into the background of the attack and the root cause was traced to GMO (eugenics).

It all started with a national cola TV ad after I reported about GMO in Coca Cola.

Shortly after that TV ad there was a flood of nonsensical negative 0-⭐ reviews for a popular WordPress optimization plugin that was followed by a banning of the plugin after a moderator performed an absurd slander attack to which I had responded decently.

Rabobank is known as farmers bank and is dedicated to GMO.

Rabobank's business sabotage between 2015-2018 that preceded the attack on my home in 2019 An investigation revealed that fortune 500 farmers bank Rabobank was involved in the attack on my home. Source:

GMO in Coca-Cola

I reported about the fact that Coca Cola attempted to hide that they used GMO in their products, which led me to the discovery of atrocities performed by that company.

(2014) The Coca Cola Killings: How a soft drink corporation murders unionists. Did we mention that Coca Cola has a long and dark history of sending its militias after workers who dare to demand better conditions? The corporation also stands accused of union-busting in Pakistan, Nicaragua and Guatemala to name a few. In Turkey allegations of intimidation, human rights abuses and the beating of union activists abound. In addition, a former Coca Cola business partner claimed the company has illegitimate dealings with Uzbekistan’s authoritarian government. Source: True Activist | |

The movie The Resident (2011) with Hilary Swank is potentially inspired by her.

WordPress Plugin Ban Mystery

In 2016, shortly after a national cola TV advertisement as described in chapter ^, a popular WordPress optimization plugin with 20,000 professional users was banned, which became a true mystery.

WordPress plugin ban mystery user comment Reflection on the plugin ban by a plugin user

[Show details of the WordPress plugin ban]

As it appears, such an action was never done before. The preceding ‘disrespectful’ action from a moderator came completely out of the blue.

In 2016, high quality free support was being provided to users of the plugin. This included more comprehensive service by logging in to their website for help, for which users where very thankful.

The support forum displayed a history of high quality free support and users that were very happy with that.

The moderator replaced a polite signature under support messages with a link to a WordPress anti-spam policy text that stated that “advertising in topics unrelated to your own plugins or themes is not allowed” and he did it with an angry attitude.

The following signature was replaced by a link to an anti-spam policy text.

Best Regards,
Jan Jaap

There was no warning. It was clear instantly that the action was not related to the signature itself, as the moderator ignored the same signature by other users. Almost all users were using a similar signature, which is simply a polite part of communication, and the linked policy text stated that it was allowed to advertise on the forum as a plugin or theme author, so even a small advertisement would have been allowed.

The moderator spent several hours to replace the signature in 100 posts. It was therefore a remarkable action and it made it look as if severe spam had been removed.

Initially my decision was to try to undo the slanderous effect by publishing a polite reply to the moderator stating the fact that a plain signature was removed. That reply was first blocked and later deleted by the moderator and the WordPress account was blocked for 8 days so that I couldn’t respond.

The moderator was aggressive and angry. That didn’t make sense after a long period of providing high quality free support to users.

Nothing Wrong with the Plugin

Moss Ball Ban

moss balls north pole

In February 2021 I posted a message on to request attention for the idea that plants are living creatures for which the concept ‘happiness’ may be applicable.

Moss Ball Ban Source:

Learned Through Injustice?

As author of the critical blog on psychiatry Zielenknijper, I had experience with people who were victim of sometimes the most grave injustice, such as enforced electro shock therapy.

I believe that by critically speaking for those people - to show a path of intellect and reason - it could enable those people to keep true to an ethical nature, and (ultimately) to feel better than the evil doers that caused injustice to them.

I believe that the blog may have prevented many people from seeking violent revenge.

Reason and intellect is a higher good than war and revenge.

🕊️ Philosophy of Peace

The following articles provide philosophical theories for peace.

EcoPeace Middle East MacGyver's wisdom to prevent revenge and the corresponding the cycle of violence. What wouldMacGyver do?

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