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Eugenics on Nature

A brief philosophical overview of the history of eugenics, the roots of the Nazi Holocaust and eugenics today.

Printed on February 27, 2024

Table of Contents (TOC)

A short introduction

Welcome to, a platform dedicated to the intellectual defense of animals, plants, and nature against eugenics.

Thank you for downloading the ebook version of, a platform dedicated to the intellectual defense of animals, plants, and nature against eugenics.

While the GMO debate has been percolating for nearly three decades, data indicate it's now over.

[Show sources] American Council on Science and Health Alliance for Science Genetic Literacy Project

In February 2022 the website was founded to indicate that the GMO debate is not over.

Is the GMO debate over?

Were the science organizations right in their assertion that the opposition for GMO is fading away?

GMO is poison

The Western anti-GMO movement was predominantly driven by the financial interest of the $250 billion USD organic food industry, which indirectly caused a re-enforcement of the fundamental arguments for GMO by scare mongering for GMO based on arguments for human health and food-safety, while the GMO industry directly competes on arguments for human health and food-safety.

This explains that anti-GMO activism faded away. The scare mongering propaganda was a losing battle that was directly fueling the GMO industry.

Stop Golden Rice! Network (SGRN) (2023) 🇵🇭 Philippine opponents of GMO Golden Rice depicted and ignored as 'anti-science Luddites' “Our Land, Our Food, Our Rice!” Reject Golden Rice! Source: /philippines/
anti GMO protest Indiaanti GMO protest India
The Hindu Business Line, 2022

The GMO genocide: Thousands of Indian farmers are committing suicide after using genetically modified crops The fact is clear: suicides in India have increased after GMO cotton was introduced. Artificially separating farmers suicides from seed monopolies and GMO cotton is bad science. (philosopher Vandana Shiva) Source: The Daily Mail |

These developments show that the GMO debate is not over. The Western anti-GMO movement may have waned, but international opposition to GMOs has sparked violent resistance, underscoring the need for an intellectual debate to avert conflict.

Animal Protection Is Failing

In chapter Intellectual Challenge: Wittgenstinian Silence and subchapter Animal Protection Fails in the article about eugenics, it is shown that animal protection fails when it concerns GMO.

In 2021, the scientific establishment officially reported that the GMO debate is over and that anti-GMO activism has become almost irrelevant.

A topic on the 🥗 Philosophical Vegan forum, where many animal protectors are active, was met with silence, despite being viewed by over 8,000 people.

The natural inclination to take an intellectual backseat, caused by the Wittgenstinian Silence problem, isn't understood by most people, and therefore activism against GMO is literally fading away today.

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