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Please tell us what you think about GMO. Should nature be protected against GMO? Please explain why or why not.
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GMO debate and the 'anti-science' narrative https://onlinephilosophyclub.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=17935

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About the project

The GMO industry and the establishment of science considers the GMO debate to be over, which means that it considers itself to have carte blanche to do whatever it wants with animals and plants.

The time to act is now. With the idea that GMO-activism has lost the GMO industry is growing uninhibitedly fast with a direct effect on billions of animals and plants on earth.

Animal and plant welfare

Nature may need protection. Animals and plants cannot speak for themselves and there are arguments by which it can be said that their life is not 'meaningless' or reducible to the empirical value scope of science.

Prevention of violent conflicts

In some countries such as India there is resistance against GMO. There are farmers that committed suicide after the introduction of GM crops. An online platform that provides an opportunity to discuss concerns and issues with people in over 200 countries may help to prevent violent conflict.

anti GMO protest Indiaanti GMO protest India
The Hindu Business Line, 2022

(2014) The GMO genocide: Thousands of Indian farmers are committing suicide after using genetically modified crops The fact is clear: suicides in India have increased after GMO cotton was introduced. Artificially separating farmers suicides from seed monopolies and GMO cotton is bad science. (philosopher Vandana Shiva) Source: The Daily Mail | countercurrents.org

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