GMO (eugenics on nature) is enforced with corruption and critics of GMO are attacked as heretics of science.

WikiLeaks: US targets opponents of GM crops: “Eat GMOs! or We'll Cause Pain”
The cables show US diplomats working directly for GM companies such as Monsanto and Bayer.
Opponents of GMO punished with “retaliation and pain“.
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The founder of was personally attacked for critically questioning GMO. He had to endure unnatural slander and his home, personal belongings and businesses were destroyed.

It all started with a sneaky cola TV ad after founder had reported about GMO in Coca Cola. Shortly after that TV ad a flood of nonsensical negative 0-⭐ reviews for a popular WordPress optimization plugin followed, then to be followed by a plugin ban after a moderator performed an absurd slander attack to which founder had responded decently, turning it into a true mystery.

After the cola TV ad, Rabobank, a fortune 500 investment bank dedicated to GMO with its headquarter in Utrecht, the Netherlands, invested into founder's business to sabotage it. That directly (chronologically) preceded all of what happened with the attack on founder's home in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

“They must have been smart, they're doing GMO!”

It is evident that the Rabobank performed an attack on founder's business. Without providing a reason, the Rabobank investor closed a 6 months old startup company and gave up their € 45,000 Euro investment. There was simply no logical reason to give up their investment. They closed the startup company after 6 months, the originally planed time for R&D, in which founder's company had delivered an exceptional result, in time.

The project could have been worth a billion USD. It was seriously watched by over 100.000 people. (cutting edge innovation)

Shortly after Rabobank walked away without providing a reason, a business partner from Hollywood, USA joined the project who invested a sum on behalf of an investment banker in Massachusetts, USA. Utrecht is known as the film city of the Netherlands, similar to Hollywood.

In internal communication with a new business partner from Hollywood, USA, it was established that founder perceived Rabobank to have been the culprit and he was then seriously warned that taking on against a fortune 500 company such as the Rabobank would not be wise, by which he received the impression that they might be involved with Rabobank as well.

It is only logical that with the exposing of the subsequent business partner from Hollywood, USA as a saboteur (who invested a sum on behalf of an investment banker in Massachusetts, USA) that the logical (unspoken) conclusion would be in 2018/2019 that Rabobank was behind that malicious business practices as well. They played a 'billionaire' joke on a project to waste time on purpose, then walked away again (leaving their investment behind) 'for no reason'.

Considering the whole situation, it is only logical that the Rabobank, considering its business link with founder and its head quarter in Utrecht, at least has had some influence or oversight over what happened with the attack on his home in Utrecht.

Attempted murder?

An attempted murder, the facts do point in that direction, regrettably. Since there are literally dozens of independent facts that all point in that direction, one should simply consider what else the motive could have been to do what they did?

The founder is author of a critical blog on psychiatry (in specific: questioning the idea that mind originates in the brain or a quest on behalf of free will) that has been read by 2 million people in the Netherlands. The name is 'Zielenknijper' and the Polish construction workers that caused the air pollution that destroyed his home wore orange suites with the name 'Zielinski' printed on the back. They made a loud whining sound when entering his home, as if expressing pity for the damage that was clearly visible (everything was destroyed). That cannot have been an accident.

Subsequently, there was an incident at the official national legal council of the Netherlands (Juridisch Loket) that sent a threatening paranoid story of a psychiatric patient in its reply. That cannot have been an accident and it is also unlikely that an employee of the legal council would do such a thing, since you could lose your job or worse as a result.

Founder's report about pedophilia (raping of children) in Justice of the Netherlands (by the head of Justice and dozens of judges while they were illogically protected by ministers of Justice) may have been the reason that local police and Justice cooperated with Rabobank to attack founder by destroying his home and safety. The local police force of Utrecht attempted to intimidate founder and the head of the local police force was directly involved during the attack.

It was a very unnatural experience because the police did not know founder and they had nothing on him to justify their disrespectful behavior.

There are dozens of other facts that clearly show that the attack on founder's home was a planned action.

If you would read the investigation, it is unlikely that you will be able to find a part that can be said to be questionable or untrue. The founder simply reported about what happened with sincerity and with a great amount of solid substantiation.

The founder is independent, neutral and has no political, ideological or religious interests or motives. The critical questioning of eugenics on nature (GMO) is philosophical of nature, in the generic interest of well-being of nature and humanity's prosperity.

View report about eugenics on nature (GMO):Eugenics on Nature (GMO)

Several businesses of the founder were mysteriously banned for "no reason".

WordPress WordPress plugin ban mystery:WordPress Twitter Art gallery banned on Twitter:Twitter Moss ball 24Moss balls banned on YouTube:Moss balls

In October 2021, after a UN-chief posted an article about the state of nature on earth, it was decided to report about the attack on the website, a promotional guide for clean mobility that is visited from 174 countries per week on average. We expected that the website could get banned but the website was not banned.

UN environment logo 142
(2021) UN chief calls for bold action to end 'suicidal war with nature'
“We are losing our suicidal war against nature. An ecosystem collapse is looming. Within decades, millions of animal species can become extinct, resulting in a collapse of Nature on Earth.”

: On the origin of Life, Mind and Truth

is a critical philosophical initiative by the founder of that addresses subjects such as free will and eugenics on nature (GMO).

Examples from about war:

Barbarians reflect on cruelty in nature to fuel cruelty. Moral beings reflect on reason to become reasonable. The potential for philosophy shows what path is right to choose.

A lack of potential for reason is the origin of a supposed natural inclination to a 'state of war', and ethically, there can be no justification for acts that originate from a lack of reason. One can hide behind error, but error should not be the intended result.

Examples from about eugenics on nature (GMO):

An attempt to stand above life, as being life, logically results in a figurative stone that sinks in the ocean of time. The principle of eugenics resides on the essence of inbreeding of which it is known that it causes fatal problems.

Vitality of nature – the foundation of human life – is a motive to question the validity of eugenics on nature before it is practiced. A purposeful Natural environment and food source may be a stronger foundation for humanity.

Morality, like 💗 love, cannot be “Written Down”, 🐿️ animals need you!