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GMO Dangers Association France

└ OGM dangers

The purpose of the GMO dangers association is to fight against Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), particularly in agriculture and food, without any political or denominational ties. She defends radical theses, in the sense that she wants to attack the roots (radix, here in Latin) of the problems. The association intends to unmask the different aspects behind GMOs.

We are a 1901 association declared on May 4, 1999.

Since then, we have participated in more than a hundred radio and television programs, and published several articles in major national newspapers. We were also heard by three parliamentary committees on the subject of GMOs or patents on living organisms.

In 2003, we organized a scientific symposium on GMOs and their alternatives. The main interventions were published in issue 11 of the journal L'Ecologiste. In 2009 we published a book. In 2018, we participated in the victory of the judgment of the CJEU of July 25, 2018. In 2020, we participated in the victory of the judgment at the Council of State.

We insist on the multifaceted nature of GMOs (hence the "s" for "dangers" in the name of the association) and we oppose both GMOs and the artificialization of living organisms which implies them and leads them.

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💚 6, Avenue du Maine
🇫🇷 France

A national poster campaign designed to show opposition to GMOs.

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