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Aurelia Foundation Germany

└ Aurelia Stiftung

The bees die worldwide. The main causes of this are the global abduction of bee diseases, but above all the loss of habitat and the further progressive globalization of agriculture, which is characterized by monocultures, the use of pesticides and genetic engineering. This is accompanied by a decline in biodiversity, the loss of flowering plant stocks, which results in hunger and one -sided nutrition for the bees.

Beekeeps have also been complaining about losses on honey bee colonies for years. At the same time, the stocks of many wild bee species decrease dramatically. This is no coincidence, but have systemic reasons. The bees prove to be a seismograph for the condition of our environment. Their disappearance at the same time symbolizes the global species death and is an expression of fundamental undesirable developments in the dealings of man with nature.

Our work at the Aurelia Stiftung therefore serves the goal and purpose of sensitizing society to the causes and dangers of global bee and species death, strengthening research and general education through bees and motivating as many fellow human beings as possible.

The Aurelia Foundation is committed to bees, polluting insects and the preservation of biodiversity. Under the motto "Long live the bee", we bring people together from all areas of life and create a broad civil society movement to the well -being of bees.

The global bee and species death threatens our livelihood and- to a comparable extent like climate change- presents us with existential challenges. In order to effectively counter them, we need strong social alliances and qualified research, educational and public relations work. We devote ourselves to these tasks at the Aurelia Foundation with a special specialist expertise and passion for flower -resisting insects.

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💚 Aurelia Stiftung
Bismarckallee 9
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